www.HappyMeal.com – Play McDonald’s Happy Meal Game Online

www.HappyMeal.com is the online website for McDonald’s Happy Meal, where you can create your own 3D Virtual World, create your own characters, customize your treehouse, and vote the name of Virtual World. You can shape and direct the way the virtual world is built by voting.

You can also use the special m code that you get with your Happy Meal from McDonald’s to unlock a lot of other cool stuff. To redeem the code, just check out http://www.happymeal.com/, and enter your code to unlock the secret cheat!

Here are latest Happy Meal m codes for you:

RAAT-MH67-3NR9 – Star Wars Stuff.



N9NM-9K4R-WHWX – Unlock virtual Spy mStuff.

XXJT-6WMW-7YW4 – Get a free virtual Podracer or a virtual Saberstaff for your mPal.

McDonald’s Happy Meal AD Video (from Youtube)

www.HappyMeal.com – Play McDonald’s Happy Meal Game Online

Visit McDonald’s and get food nutrition information, franchise opportunities, job and career information, promotional information, Happy Meal Toys, and lots of smiles.

Learn more from http://www.happymeal.com/

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